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Protecting your confidentiality

The new national GDPR regulations come into force in May 2018 and we have take steps to ensure your data continues to be used appropriately.
We have published an updated Privacy Notice to be found in the 'further information' section of this website which gives more details.

Need to contact your GP practice?

Please think of your fellow patients before you use our service and please aim to use your GP service appropriately.

You can contact us by coming into the surgery, by telephoning us and by writing to us.

Fax / Email

Please note that Practice Fax and Email systems are reserved for professional communications only and we cannot accept patient contact by these methods. Communications from unsecured (non NHS) sources will not be processed and will not be seen by a clinician. 

Traditional Mail

Please also note that if you write to us, your letter will be one of several thousand received each week. All paper-based mail delivered to the practices will be processed and electronically scanned into your notes and will be available for your doctor to read within seven working days.

Please note that this is not an appropriate means of communication for anything that may need attention more quickly. 


We offer a telephone call back service. If you need to speak to your doctor on the phone then please request a call and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

In Person

Please note that an appointment system is in place for visits to the practices. If you come in to see us without an appointment, there is a (likely) possibility that other patients will have already booked all available appointments for that moment and so you will be able to make an appointment to come back after some time.

If your problem is so urgent that it cannot wait, you are probably in the wrong place. We are not an emergency service, however, we will always try to help you.



Medical Emergencies should be presenting to your Emergency Services. Dial 999 and they will take it from there. It is unsafe for you and for other patients to try and present to your GP practice with your Medical Emergency.

Minor Injuries

Minor Injuries should be presenting to your local Minor Injuries Unit in High Wycombe. Patients attending to see a GP about their minor injury will be directed to the Minor Injuries Unit for appropriate care. Using GP appointments to review your minor injury simply prevents other patients from being able to access the service that they need.

Minor Illnesses

Minor Illnesses should be presenting to your local Pharmacist in the first instance, or if you are certain that you need to see a clinician, then to the Minor Illness Unit in High Wycombe. Using GP appointments to review your minor illness simply prevents other patients from being able to access the service that they need.

Problems with Eyes / Ears / Teeth / Feet / Sexually Transmitted Illnesses / Relationship Problems and Mental Health Problems no longer need a GP appointment. All of these services are accessible directly by you. If you are not sure who you need to contact - click "Who do I need to see?" at the top of the page. Using GP appointments to access these services simply prevents other patients from being able to access the service that they need.

GP Research Active


Quadrivalent flu vaccine - Confirmation

Following items recently in the news we can confirm that the practice has been using the quadrivalent vaccine throughout this season's flu campaign.

Is it Urgent?

Naturally we will fill every available space with an appointment for our patients, but please do consider each other when deciding whether or not to use an urgent or on the day appointment when the weather is like this.

If you have an emergency, you should call the emergency services.

If your medical problem is urgent, you should visit the urgent medical centre (next to High Wycombe Hospital).

If you problem is not urgent then ask for the next available "not urgent" appointment.

Please do not assert that your medical problem is urgent when it is not, just so that you are given one of the urgent appointment slots.

In order to see as many people as possible, our urgent winter appointments are just 5 minutes apart (4 minutes with a clinician) and are fundamentally so that we can assess your urgent medical problem and quickly deliver you to the most appropriate part of the NHS that can help you, as swiftly as possible.

Urgent appointments are not an appropriate alternative to a regular pre-bookable appointment.

Once again we ask that our patients please consider each other when choosing which service to request.

Breast Cancer Family History?

Breast cancer will affect around 1/8 women in their lifetime. However, some women are at higher risk of developing breast cancer and may benefit from more regular mammograms and, in some instances, prophylactic medication. There is a really helpful tool on the BreastCancerNow website which we would encourage our patients to use. It stratifies your possible risk, and you can print out the results and show it to your GP if it suggests that referral onwards may be indicated. Unfortunately, because of the very large number of women who have got relatives with breast cancer, it is not feasible for us to complete the questionnaire for you in a consultation. This is the link to the questionnaire;


Dr Hykin has been fundraising for Helen and Douglas House, a Hospice for children based in Oxford. On Saturday 24th June straight after completing her 100th Parkrun (5K) she went on to do the 3K rainbow run in aid of Helen and Douglas House

charity run

 This is the link to the JustGiving fundraising page;

Justgiving fundraising page

What is the P.O.I.N.T.?

Do you think you might need a GP appointment but are not sure or just can't get an appointment?

Since 2008 the number of appointments in General Practice has approximately doubled.

At Hughenden Valley and Chequers Surgeries, we presently have enough appointments so that, if divided evenly, every single man woman and child can have an appointment approximately once, every single month.

You may be surprised to learn that even though there is a widely publicised and desperate shortage of GP appointments nationally, many people still book appointments when they do not need to; for example, if they have a  minor ailment.

In just one day, for example, 14 'urgent case' appointments were used by people who had been stung by a wasp. The wasp itself remains at large.

In the event of an emergency, a wasp sting needs to be managed by the emergency services. If it is not an emergency then a wasp sting should be managed by your pharmacist.

In the extremely rare event of a wasp sting needing ongoing treatment, then your pharmacist will arrange for your GP to see you.

Introducing POINT:

At Hughenden Valley and Chequers Surgeries we pioneered a brand new service called POINT.

The Pharmacist Opinion: In Need of Treatment service has been developed in collaboration with local pharmacy services and is designed to help those people that need to see a GP, see a GP!

Simply present yourself to your Pharmacist with your health concern, and they will help you. It's that simple.

If you are not sure whether or not your problem is appropriate to take to a Pharmacist, you can find some information here: NHS Pharmacy Help, but if it's not an emergency and it's not already being looked after by a doctor, then it should probably go to a Pharmacist before you try and book a GP appointment.

When you see your Pharmacist, if you need to see someone else about your health problem then you will be 'pointed' in the right direction by your Pharmacist.

If, for example, you need to be seen at your GP surgery then you will be given a form (like the one shown here) to take to the GP receptionist who will arrange a fast-tracked appointment for you.


The fastest way to get a GP appointment when you need one, is to see your Pharmacist.

Pharmacies wishing to use this form may do so without charge. 

A generic version of the form (Microsoft Word Document) may be downloaded here: DOWNLOAD HERE on a PC / Mac.

We were finalists in the "GP Practice Team of the Year"!

The award went to 'Sandwell & West Birmingham Clinical Commissioning Group' who oversee 103 GP Practices in Birmingham. They are not a 'GP Team' in the strictest sense, but clearly they deserve an award.

Naturally, its hard to compete with that kind of infrastructure  and budget, but we could not be more proud of our team.

Despite attracting one of the very lowest rates of funding in the UK we are still able to strive for and achieve excellence every day and that's entirely due to the dedication of the team that serves our patients. 

2016 Awards

In the context of the NHS in 2016 this is a massive achievement. While other practices are cutting services we are still increasing them and while across the country average waiting times are up by 30% this year, we are finding new and innovative ways to buck that trend.  It is commonplace now, for GP surgeries to have stopped booking any advanced appointments at all (source June 2016). We will continue to book appointments in advance for those who need them until further notice (please remember to cancel your appointment if you no longer need it).

Nationally and locally surgeries are preventing access to any appointments at all without first undergoing a telephone assessment. We have decided that at this time we will not follow that trend and we have not removed our established systems, but rest assured we are under as much pressure as any other surgery.

Believe it or not, it really is still the case that people book up doctor's appointments for sore throats and suspected urine infections, often with symptoms for less than 24 hours.

Remember, if your child is under 5 years of age, speak to your health visitor first and if you have a minor ailment yourself then you should call 111 if you do not know what to do. 

We are one part of a very large NHS jigsaw. It is important that we all consider which part of the NHS we actually need before booking a GP appointment, otherwise the appointments wont be available for those people that need them.

Your local NHS has set up a Minor Illness Unit in High Wycombe for people with minor illnesses. You do not need an appointment you just go there (its at Wycombe Hospital) and you do not need to book a GP appointment before going.

For those who do not need to go to the Minor Illness Unit, the entire pharmacy network is ready and waiting to help you. You do not need to see your GP before going there either.



FREE WiFi Service While You Wait (now at both sites)!!


We are very pleased to announce that we have installed a Free Wifi service for patients now available at both sites (from Jan 2017)

We are aware that it can be frustrating if the patients in front of you need a little longer than average with the doctor. 

Whether you need to check your emails or just want to see what the weather is like outside without having to look out of the window, hopefully this will make your wait a little easier.

Exam worries? Stressed? Check this out...

Are you a young person worried about exams, or perhaps you just got your results and don't know what to do now? Feeling stressed or just need someone to talk to?

time to talk

"Time to Talk Bucks" is a service for local young people. They are getting positive feedback from many of our patients.

You can find their website here: Time To Talk

They have a "live chat" link at the top of this page, or you can email or call 0845 408 5022 or 07764 210398 to speak with a member of the Time to Talk Bucks team.


Wycombe Minor Illness and Injury Unit (MIIU) - field trip

Last year Dr Hykin and Nurse Lynne did a field trip to look at the Wycombe MIIU. This is what they said;

'We wanted to know what it would be like for our patients to come here. The MIIU was easy to find, being well sign-posted from the 'magic roundabout' in Wycombe.

The unit was well lit and clean with helpful notices. People check in with a receptionist who takes down some basic details of what is wrong, and what GP surgery the patient comes from. The receptionist gives the patient some idea of the wait time and then the patient sits in a waiting area. There is a drinks machine, and also a water dispenser.

We looked at several consulting rooms which we noticed were well equipped. There was a plaster room and there was an area where x-rays and scans can be taken.

On the day we visited, patients could be seen by either a GP or a nurse practitioner of which there were several. The unit was established to provide on-the-day NHS care for those with minor illnesses and injuries. They told us that they could see and treat patients with sore throats, ear infections, hay-fever, asthma flare -ups, eczema and skin infections to name but a few of the conditions they see daily, as well as injuries such as lacerations and limb fractures. Some of the patients had been recommended to come by their own surgery, some came because they had seen information about the MIIU on posters or on the internet, and some because they had been before. Some patients came because they worked in Wycombe but lived elsewhere.

Whilst we visited, we noticed about 6 people in the waiting room and observed the waiting time to be around 35 minutes.

In summary, we were really impressed with this service. With resources under so much pressure throughout the NHS, it is really good to know that there is such an efficient service locally to provide the appropriate care that people need for their minor illnesses and injuries without them even needing to phone ahead for an appointment.' 


B - SHAW - Bucks Sexual Health And Well-being service launches

Buckinghamshire County Council has recently recommissioned the specialist sexual health services for both 'genitourinary medicine' and 'contraception'.

The new service is known as B-SHAW (Bucks Sexual Health and Well-being). 

Service providers and clinic opening times have changed and there is now one single point of access via a central telephone number: 0300 303 2880.


Having trouble getting a nurse appointment?

Then please help us out.

The sharp-eyed among you will have noticed that over the past few years a considerable chunk of work which used to take place in hospital is now being done in the surgery.

While this is not the best place to discuss the politics as to why that has happened, the removal of most services from Wycombe Hospital has not helped us locally.

Our brilliant nursing team have born the brunt of much of this increased workload, which in turn makes it really important that the appointments that we have left over are used most effectively.

In the meantime we have undertaken a thorough review of the work that our nurses do and one area where we have found that we can free up resources is with the completion of health-questionnaires. 

Historically, these have been completed either by a nurse during a consultation with a patient, or by a patient, again during a nurse consultation.

We have been trialling a new system whereby the questionnaires are completed at home, and then we make contact with patients who need to be contacted. It has gone well and we are already seeing shorter waiting times for nurse appointments.

Suitable areas which have been identified for "home questionnaires" include:

- Asthma Questionnaires

- Hypertension Monitoring Reviews (for patients who monitor their own blood pressure at home)

- Smoking Status reviews 

If you usually "report in" to see a nurse annually, even when entirely well, you may be asked to fill in one of our new home assessments first, so that we can make sure that despite the ever increasing pressures on the service, our resources remain accessible to those who need them.

Of course we are able to offer this new service to many more patients than we could ever see during our nursing clinics, so do not be alarmed if you receive a health questionnaire from us when you are not expecting one!

Its all part of the service!!

Home assessments will typically be sent to you during the month of your birth, so that they coincide with your other health reviews.

Again, by reducing duplication we are finding we can help more patients with the resources that we are allocated.

This is an area of new development in General Practice and is likely to change with time.

For now we thank you for your help in getting it going, and welcome your feedback. 

** You can find the links to the new questionnaires via the Online Services section of the site - Click Here: to go there directly**


Exclusive Wiltshire Farm Foods Discount!

Those friendly folks at Wiltshire Farm Foods have put together an amazing package for our patients.

They have created "A Hand-picked pack called the  ‘Hughenden Valley Pack’ which features five meals and five desserts from "the luxurious end of our range" and would usually be charged at £32.40 individually but they will offer a trial pack price of £15.00 with free delivery.


Hands Only CPR - Its not as hard as it looks!

Watch the video and may be save a life..



Back by popular demand - please take out a couple of minutes to watch the British Heart Foundation's CPR video.

It might help you save a life.

Click Here to see the video: Vinnie Jones explains that CPR is not as hard as it looks. 

We are on Twitter!@HughendenValley 



Fire safety

Did you know that you can arrange a FREE fire safety assessment for yourself, someone you care for or anyone locally via the brilliant team at the Buckingham and Milton Keynes Fire Authority?

You can download the necessary form by clicking this link:

Fire Assessment form

and then send it by post to:

Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service, Brigade HQ, Stocklake, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, HP20 1BD

or by email to:

and they will take it from there.


Member of Parliament Surgery Visit

We were very pleased to welcome our local Member of Parliament David Lidington MP to the surgery. 

David Lidington

Mr Lidington (pictured on the right) enjoyed a tour of the grounds and facilities at Hughenden Valley Surgery before taking time to hear about some of the tremendous challenges that we are currently facing in General Practice.

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